Behind The Brand 

Elite Brand was established in May of 2020, by twenty-one year old owner and entrepreneur Niani Tiara. Originating from Prince George’s County Maryland, Elite Brand is a company dedicated to providing individuals with comfortable, quality, custom apparel and accessories. The brand’s ultimate goal and mission is to make its customers feel empowered, confident, and inspired. Anyone can be elite, and this is what Elite Brand is all about. Elevation, and having the confidence to do or achieve anything you desire; being of quality, power, and influence.

Niani's Personal Message to You 

Always be yourself. Your absolute best authentic self. Be secure, be confident, be comfortable. You are of quality. You are powerful, be influential. Execute, because you are capable. And elevate, because you can. Embrace you are Elite.


Niani Tiara


execute verb


      1  : to carry out fully, put completely into effect, to perform or do. 

      2  : to accomplish.

elevate verb


1. : to move or raise to a higher place or position 

2. :  to raise in rank or status